Cupcakes, cookies and celebration cakes hand-made in Hampton, Peterborough.

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Price Guide

Celebration cake designs are individually tailored to each customer's specifications. This means that there is no one set price, as the work needed to create each cake can be varied. This price guide will allow you to see the base price for any cakes you may be thinking about ordering.

The prices include a basic flavour sponge, basic flavour of buttercream filling, a sugarpaste icing covering in a single colour and any boards and boxes that may be required. The cost of any alternative flavours, fillings, and any decorations will then be added to your base price. If you are ordering a tiered cake, additional costs will also be factored into your quote as these are often very heavy and require much more in the way of materials and time to support, transport and set up the cake at a venue.

I have listed the suggested number of servings per cake for both weddings (2" x 1" slice) and parties (2" x 2" slice) to give you an idea of what size cake you will need.

Round Cakes

Cake Size No. Wedding Portions (2" x 1" slices) No. Party Portions (2" x 2" slices) Cake Price
6" 12 8 £25.00
8" 24 14 £35.00
10" 38 21 £45.00
12" 54 28 £60.00
14" 72 35 £75.00

Square Cakes

Cake Size No. Wedding Portions (2” x 1” slices) No. Party Portions (2” x 2” slices) Cake Price
6" 18 9 £30.00
8" 32 16 £40.00
10" 50 25 £50.00
12" 72 36 £65.00
14" 98 49 £80.00


I accept payment via cash, BACS transfer and Paypal.

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